Owen’s frantic when Phelan turns up at the yard and Anna rounds on him branding him a lying con man. But Owen’s left red faced when he later learns that Phelan had transferred the funds (there was a glitch at the bank) and a mortified Anna fears she may have jeopardised the whole deal. She decides to call on Phelan at his house to apologise for her outburst, but Phelan gets the wrong idea.

Michelle is pleased when she learns that Andrea and Lloyd spent the night together. But when Steve rants to Michelle about Lloyd and Andrea’s closeness saying he’s been left with no one, Michelle’s paranoia runs riot as she takes in this hurtful news.

Rob tells Carla that he wants Tracy back. Carla thinks he’s mad, but admits that Peter wants them to reunite too, which Tina is intrigued to hear. However, Tracy claims she’s cool without Rob and is already clearing him out of her life.

Also, Stella orders Gloria to stop leading Dennis on, but enjoying the attention she insists it’s all harmless fun; and Sophie tells Tim the game’s up and she knows Maddie was the intruder who hit him.