Will Phelan wake up?

Eileen sits by Phelan's bedside wondering whether he will recover in Corrie.

Andy does his best to remain calm as talk of Phelan’s attack spreads. His nerves are in shreds will he be able to hide the gruesome truth from Steph and the police or are they onto him? Meanwhile, will Phelan make a recovery or is it now a murder investigation?

After Mary returns home having failed to find the missing piece of her past, will she call off the search?

Shrouded in grief, Gail shows Bethany the haul of presents she’d bought for Michael . Sarah reveals she’s bought tickets to a gig as a Christmas treat. But when it becomes apparent that she’s invited Gary too, Bethany hides her dismay.

Billy, Todd, Sinead and a reluctant Chesney hit the dance floor whilst David remains at the bar. A woman called Shona parks herself next to him and tries to chat him up, but David’s unresponsive. However things turn from bad to worse for David…