Will Pheobe choose her career over Kyle?

When Kyle and Phoebe are getting intimate they are interrupted by Neive who plays Kyle’s song – Best Part of Me as part of a remix. Livid, Kyle tells Brax that Neive has stolen his music. Phoebe tells Kyle that Neive has made an honest mistake, but an unconvinced Kyle turns down money from Neive to buy the rights to his song. Fuming at his reaction, Neive orders Phoebe to break up with Kyle for her career.

After hearing more about Chris’s amazing job offer, Spencer tells Chris he won’t crumble while he’s gone. However, Irene urges Spencer to put pride aside and be honest if he wants his brother to stay, but he tells Chris to take the job.

Matt tries to smooth things over with Leah and claims that if VJ quits school everything will work out just fine. A furious Leah confronts Matt afterwards, disgusted that he would encourage VJ’s decision. In an attempt to put things right, Matt makes VJ sees things from Leah’s side and the pair finally reach a compromise.