Will Phil and Max kill Ian?

Ian has been kidnapped by Phil and taken to the waste ground by Phil and Max. When a terrified Ian pleads for his life, Phil and Max demand a favour. Using Ian to lure Carl, Max and Phil take Carl to the waste ground. Meanwhile, Ian tells his family he went for a walk to clear his head after deciding not to testify. At the waste ground, Max leaves Phil to finish off Carl, unable to stomach it. Carl plays a trump card to save his life, when he mentions to Phil the missing Shirley.

Kirsty’s homeless and miserable after stealing from Carl, but things get back on track when Max returns to Walford, as he tells her he wants her back. Meanwhile, David curries favour with Carol by revealing he intervened with Ian for the sake of the family. Deciding she needs to support Bianca and the kids, Carol tells a disappointed Masood that she’s moving back home.

Sam feels increasingly under pressure when Ava suggests they all go on a family holiday. Offering to go out for some milk, Sam takes his passport and his pills with him. While Ava and Dexter are at home happily planning Dexter’s birthday, Sam stands at the tube station wondering whether to stay or go.