Phil is determined to leave Walford with Ben and won’t listen when Ben begs his dad to let justice take its course. Shirley susses that Phil is about to take Louise and Ben and go on the run and she tells Peggy. As Phil prepares to drive off Peggy blocks his path. Ben thanks Shirley and tells her that he needs her support if he’s going to get through Juvenile Detention.

Ian gets together with the Masoods to battle it out for Christian’s shares in Masala Queen. The Masoods put in the highest offer after Syed claims he’s got a loan from the bank. Ian is forced to push his price up and pays over the odds for the shares. Syed later tells a surprised Christian that he lied about the bank loan to get Christian the best price.

Chelsea and Lucas talk about their worries for the missing Denise. A police car arrives at the Truemans’ and Lucas composes himself. The police reveal that they’ve found a body in the canal and Denise’s phone nearby. Chelsea and Lucas go to the morgue to identify the body, but Chelsea isn’t up to it. Lucas goes in alone and confirms that it’s Denise….

Also, Darren moves in with the Brannings.

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