Will Phil finally get help?

Ben and Jay are surprised when Phil decides he’s going to the alcoholics support group after all. When he turns up at the group he doesn’t stay long, after finding out his one-time lover Lorna Cartwright is his counsellor! When Ben and Jay call Phil pathetic for bailing on the group, Phil heads to The Vic for a drink, soon winding up Mick about Ollie.

Stacey is encouraged to make a home visit now her health is improving. She’s taken aback when she realises that a missing Martin has to be there. Stacey is conflicted when Sonia offers to support the home visit, while Bex says she’d love to spend some time with her little brother. Feeling guilty about her big secret, Stacey tells them that Jean has offered to look after her instead. Meanwhile, Martin has returned to the Square. When he bumps into Kush his anger boils over and he punches him!

Mick causes trouble at the hospital as he gets frustrated over the lack of answers about Ollie’s health. In an attempt to calm him down, Linda sends him home to support Lee and Nancy, who have been told they need to talk to the police about Ollie’s accident. Mick tells Nancy that no one blames her for the fall, but he later confesses to Buster that he does blame Nancy.