In an extra episode, Lola hides from Phil and Billy after they discover Lexi is missing and start a desperate search for her. Phil calls Sharon to help them look, infuriating Jack. Blaming Phil for causing the mess, Billy tells Phil he won’t let him destroy Lola the way he destroyed Ben. Meanwhile, at the Arches Lola finds Dexter and explains she’s taken Lexi.

Lola agrees to stay put while Dexter talks to his mum about seeing if Lola and Lexi can stay with them. Meanwhile, Sharon is horrified when Phil tries to stop her leaving by violently grabbing her arm. Opening the front door, Sharon finds Ava and Dexter on the doorstep, who explain everything. By the time Phil and Sharon get to the Arches, Lola has already gone.

Ian’s attempt to compliment Denise comes out all wrong and he ends up offending her. Trying to apologise, he gives her a box of chocolates, but it leads to another awkward moment. When Ian makes a mess of asking Denise on a date, a miffed Denise lies to Ian she’s got a date with the Minute Mart delivery man! Ian follows Denise into the backroom to talk to her and the door shuts, locking them in!