Will Phil help Rainie?

Phil tells Rainie he can’t be her sponsor. Rainie is upset. Rainie tries to chat to Michael, but is left shaken when a brooding Michael is threatening towards her. Rainie’s resolve crumbles and she meets with her dealer John. Phil finds Rainie with drugs and he throws them away. Rainie thanks Phil for coming to her rescue. He promises to be there for her in the future.

Tanya talks Greg into taking the day off and spending it in bed with her. Max turns up to talk about building works with Greg. Tanya is fuming and confronts Max. There’s a spark, but Tanya breaks the mood and tells Max to leave her alone. Later, Greg suggests to Tanya they have a baby, but she isn’t keen. When Tanya gets into an argument with Max she tells him she and Greg are trying for a baby!

Roxy is frosty with Eddie when she bumps into him and makes some pointed remarks. Alfie can’t understand why Eddie didn’t defend himself. Roxy returns home and Michael gets angry when he discovers she’s been talking to Eddie. Later, Eddie confronts Roxy and tells her that his wife committed suicide and he blames himself for not being around when it happened.

Also, Pat is spiteful to Lydia.