Jack is out on bail after being arrested for assault. Meanwhile, Sharon is at an injured Phil’s side in hospital. Jack heads to the hospital to apologise to Phil. Finding Sharon, they make up. A hurt Phil decides to press charges to punish Jack. But when Sharon offers to move in with him to look after Lexi while he recovers, Phil wins brownie points with her by telling the police his fall was an accident.

Jack’s planning to cook a nice meal for him and Sharon, when Sharon comes home with Lexi. Jack’s horrified when Sharon reveals she’s going to be staying at Phil’s to help with Lexi’s care, pleading with the her not to go. Refusing to be told what to do, Sharon says she doesn’t want to hear it. Sharon is shaken when Jack grabs her arm violently and she immediately leaves for Phil’s.

Dot is grateful when Poppy goes to the Housing Benefit Office with her to sort out the mess that Cora got her into. Poppy waits while Dot is interviewed. The housing officer tells an alarmed Dot that subletting and getting into arrears is a very serious matter. When Poppy asks her how it went, Dot doesn’t mention she might lose the house.