Phil and Peggy are evasive when Louise wants to know why the social worker was there and Louise storms off. Peggy warns Phil that he’ll have to tell Louise that Lisa wants to see her, but Phil is defensive. Louise asks Phil if he’s sending her back into care, but he promises her that she isn’t going anywhere. Phil calls Richie Scott and explains the situation and says he needs some help.

The family are stunned to see a ‘dead’ Denise standing in the doorway. Denise explains that Lucas murdered Owen and imprisoned her. Lucas bursts into the house and is eerily calm as he says that he was trying to protect the family. A desperate Libby screams at Lucas. Jordan runs in as the TV crashes through the window and Patrick gets everyone out. Lucas follows and falls to his knees as the police arrive to arrest him…

Abi is not happy when Jodie turns up to see Darren. Jodie wants to talk and tells Darren that she wants them to stay friends. Darren reluctantly agrees, but later he confesses that he wants to be more than friends with her. Abi is angry when she sees Darren and Jodie kissing.

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