Phil is shaken following his conversation with Marsden and tells Ben and Jay they’re all visiting Grant. Ben thinks it will make them look guilty, while Jay point-blank refuses. When Roxy begs Phil to stay for Ben’s sake, Phil almost blurts out the truth about the murder. It’s the final straw for Phil when Jay refuses to come home. He shouts at Ben he should have died in the car crash all those years ago with Kathy before swigging from a bottle of vodka and breaking down…

Meanwhile, Jay is at the Brannings’. Abi is troubled when Jay glumly wonders why she’d want to be with someone like him. Jay brushes away Abi’s questions when she asks why he and Phil were arguing earlier. Abi asks Max to have a word with Jay. Max feels awkward and instead offers to give Jay a driving lesson.

Derek’s daughter Alice has left her phone after fleeing the day before. Derek tracks her down and returns the phone, but Alice is wary of him. Derek apologises for abandoning Alice and her brother and convinces her to go for lunch. Derek tells Alice he wants a chance to make things right and invites her to meet the rest of the family.