Will Phoebe dump Ash?

Ash follows Phoebe to the Farm House and he desperately tries to convince her that he loves her. But she doesn’t want to hear his excuses and tells him to go home, before crying herself to sleep. Later, the mystery woman turns up on Ash’s doorstep and explains they didn’t sleep together. Ash is elated and rushes off to tell Phoebe, but it’s too late – Phoebe makes it clear their relationship is over.

A group of boys come into Angelo’s to tease Matt about his sex tape. Maddy encourages him to take no notice and finish his delivery round. When Matt goes out, Maddy stands up to Matt’s tormentors and gets them to leave. Later, Maddy secures him an apprenticeship at Ash and Andy’s garage, but things come to a grinding halt when Matt punches one of his tormentors in the face!

Then, as Dylan pays Matt for a pizza delivery, he can’t help but torment him about the prospect of going to prison. When Dylan goes back into his hotel room, he gets back in bed with Kat, who has spent the night with him.