Will Phoebe leave Summer Bay alone?

Will Phoebe and Justin break up when Ava calls him 'Dad' for the first time?

Phoebe and Justin prepare to say their goodbyes with a party at Salt and she performs a final song to get everyone in the party mood. Just as Justin begins to relax, Brian turns up with Ava. Justin is overwhelmed to see his daughter and Phoebe begins to feel guilty about taking him away; especially when Justin performs a heartbreaking ballad for Ava.

Just as Justin prepares to leave, Ava calls him ‘Dad’ for the first time. What does this mean for Phoebe and Justin?

Roo has had a tense phone call with James and turns to Leah for comfort. Roo explains it was James’ parents placed a restraining order on Roo, not James. She then goes on to explains that James’s dad is a millionaire and doesn’t want the baby to inherit any of the family fortune. What will Roo do?