Will Piper testify in court?

Will Piper let Terese support her during such a difficult time?

Piper is agitated at the thought of testifying against Louise in an upcoming court case. Mark senses Piper’s concern and runs through questions she may be asked. The mock trial makes Piper feel even more anxious. Can Terese help Piper through her ordeal?

Meanwhile, Dipi is disappointed when Mishti tells her that she isn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of becoming a mother. When Mishti explains that she isn’t sure she and Leo are ready, Dipi decides to intervene by talking to Paul. When Dipi talks to Paul, it forces Leo to confess Mishti is pregnant. How will Paul react?

Also, Jimmy tells Toadie about his school crush Poppy and beats himself up about his lack of confidence around her. So Toadie gives Jimmy some tips on how to be confident – but will Toadie’s advice work?