Will Pippa be all right?

After getting grief from Mrs Cronin, Alf moves his Ute despite his eye problem. However, as he’s reversing the vehicle, he doesn’t see young Pippa in the way and ends up knocking her down. Will Pippa survive?

When Martha, Lucas and Geoff head to the farm in search of Annie, they learn Bruce sent her away the night before. Jonah finds Annie lying in a paddock, practically comatose. Rushed to hospital, Annie is diagnosed with pleurisy.

Meanwhile, Martha pleads with Jonah to persuade Bruce to visit Annie. Jonah confronts Bruce and learns the old man is convinced he is dying, so thinks his grandkids are better off without him. At last, Jonah gets through to him, and Bruce visits.

However, Irene isn’t too happy at Bruce’s decision to let Annie move back to the farm with Jonah working there. With Annie’s best interests at heart, Jonah says he’ll leave the farm and the Bay, leaving Martha troubled by how much she hates the idea of him moving away.

Rachel arrives at work after her night with Lewis, and is shocked to discover he is one of three new interns. Meanwhile, Sam learns another intern Marie has also slept with Lewis and informs Rachel who is uncertain if she can trust him.

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