Will the police charge Mark with murder?

Mark is well and truly in the frame for Hamish's death?

Mark is suspended from work, as he has become the police’s prime suspect in Hamish’s death. Mark does his best to avoid Tyler, but Tyler eventually finds out that Mark is the frame for Hamish’s death and wants to tell the police what exactly happened that night. Mark tells him not to say a word, as he’s not the murderer, and comes up with a plan to finally track down Hamish’s killer.

Paul is worried about Courtney, so he reaches out to her dad, Tim, and tells him the truth about their wedding in the hope to reunite the pair. Will some good come out of Paul and Courtney’s sham relationship?

Meanwhile, the opening for the Flame Tree Retreat is fast approaching and Steph is determined to stay positive and make everything a success. However, she’s nervous about opening the project without Amy and when The Star pulls out of the launch and the food order goes wrong. Is the Flame Tree heading for disaster.

Finally, it’s Gary’s first day of working in the Lassiters’ kitchen. But is he cut out for the job?