Will Pollard see the light on Christmas Day?

*Hour-long episode*

Pollard is planning an Ebenezer Scrooge style Christmas. He wants no company, no fun, no nothing. But Cheryl, Val’s dog, soon drags the widower out of his holed up house and into the fresh air of the village when she leads grieving Pollard on a tour of the village, during which Pollard’s faced with his past, present and future. Will Pollard finally see the light and reconnect with life despite his loss?

At the Dingles’, it’s Belle’s birthday! But the teen isn’t in the party mood. Having seen her dad kissing Joanie, she’s in the mood to kill! As the family arrive to spend Christmas Day together, Zak twigs that his daughter knows about Joanie, and starts to get nervous. Belle’s no wallflower – will she out her love cheat dad over lunch?

At the B&B, Mrs Winterbottom checks in. (Psst, Corrie fans, she’s played by Liz Dawn, aka Vera Duckworth!) Tracy and Finn quickly learn that Mrs Winterbottom is going to put them through their paces!

At the Woolpack, it’s awks for Marlon when Laurel, Ashley and the kids turn up for a Christmas Day drink while Sandy gets an old, faraway friend involved in the festivities.