Will Pollard take pity on Finn?

*First episode*

Finn’s in a bad place as he struggles to come to terms with the recent revelations about his family and his behaviour has resulted in Pollard firing him from his job at the B&B. Encouraged by his best pal, Victoria, Finn goes to apologise to Pollard who isn’t convinced that he’s truly sorry for what he’s done. Later, Victoria tells Pollard what Finn’s going through and pleads with him to help her friend. Will Pollard be able to get through to Finn? And, more importantly, will he give him back his job?

Adam’s gone off the rails since finding out that James is his real dad and his behaviour has resulted in him losing both his home and job. James tries to get Adam back on track by getting him a job behind the bar at The Woolpack, but when his pint-pulling skills leave little to be desired, Chas suggests he should try cellar work instead. However, with things already tense between the pair, being stuck in a confined space isn’t likely to help as James shows Adam the ropes.

After kicking up up a fuss about Priya’s latest suitor, Jai realises that being heavy-handed with his sister may only serve to push her closer to the hated Rakesh so he decides to apologise to her. Meanwhile, Rakesh is convinced that he’s got no chance of taking things further with Priya, but he’s soon proved wrong when she agrees to share a future with him…