The police arrive at the emergency department with some shocking news for Polly – her stalker, Alistair, has committed suicide on a railway track.

Polly’s shaken but tells Dixie she’s fine. It soon becomes clear, however, Polly is hiding something from her colleagues.

Jordan’s doing a good job with the budgets but it’s obvious he’d rather be in the thick of the action. He gives the student doctors some advice on how to treat Ruth’s friend Amir, who has been brought in after collapsing. However they refuse Jordan’s help and opt for their own course of treatment – only for Amir to die…

Dixie begins to suspect something’s not quite right with Polly when they’re treating homeless man, Skip. Polly isn’t her usually perky self and says she thinks he should be sectioned. Poor Skip’s terrified and Adam pulls up Polly for over-stepping the mark.

Ruth is furious when she discovers the student doctors may have caused Amir’s death and a post-mortem is ordered.

Polly freaks out when she and Dixie are called out to deal with someone injured on the railway tracks and begs her partner to let another crew take care of it.

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