Will poor Amy return to Hollyoaks?

Amy is anxious for the future after she spends the night in a boiler room with baby Leah and Ste. Anxious for Amy to dump Ste and return home, Sarah and Michaela hint about moving in together and suggest they all pitch in with looking after Leah, should Amy return to the village. But when Ste arrives with news about emergency accommodation, Amy opts for a new life with Leah and Ste.

Irritable Rhys has lost his appetite following the shock revelation that he and Beth are siblings. He ends up angrily confronting Beth and orders her to leave town immediately but Beth refuses, insisting on staying put.

With Tom barely acknowledging her, Steph wonders how she can win him round. Max reassures her Tom is just jealous, and has a talk with him. However, Steph is devastated when she overhears what Tom really thinks of her.

Desperate for their big break, The Baby Diegos end up busking in the village with old songs passed off as their own, and Michaela’s saucy dance moves rake in the cash. But the band are forced to abort the gig when Steph pans their act as a rip-off, and Fletch and Josh agree to ditch Michaela.