While Porsche and Lockie are still on the rocks, Lockie and John Paul are getting flirty. Lockie goes to visit John Paul and they get steamy in Patrick’s office. Porsche goes to the school to apologise to Cleo and hears Lockie’s voice. Luckily for them, Porsche doesn’t catch her husband and cousin up to no good – instead, Lockie and John Paul cover, saying they are both planning Cleo’s party.

Meanwhile, after having her baby, Esther is determined to keep him. Grace and Trevor are distraught but work out that using Kim is a route to getting their son, so Grace kisses her. Later, the Gloved Hand is about to strike Esther but she has a heart attack. With that, the Gloved hand scurries off…

Nana and Porsche tell Reenie she has to pay the Osbornes back after giving away free drinks at her disastrous quiz night. Reenie spots Dr S’Avage with a wad of cash and talks him in to giving her £200. Reenie gets the cash and is back in her family’s good books when she puts it towards Cleo’s birthday.

Also, Sienna tries to explain to Dr S’Avage that he’s a father figure not a potential boyfriend.