After giving birth on the way to hospital, Priya and her newborn daughter arrive at the maternity unit, but because the baby has arrived six weeks early and there’s a chance she may not survive. As they wait for news, Priya admits she feels unprepared for motherhood, but David reassures her by saying she will be a great mum. However, David’s worried that Priya’s still not eating anything, despite receiving treatment for anorexia, so he nags her about getting a bite to eat. But as he does, the baby’s monitor starts beeping and the new parents have to stand back as medical staff swoop in. Will their baby survive?

Charity is still determined to go ahead with her secret termination, but she’s hit an unexpected obstacle in her plan. In order to have the termination, she has to go to the clinic for one dose of medication and then return a day or two later to receive the second. The only problem is, Declan has thrown a spanner in the works which means she won’t be able to collect the second dose of medication. What will she do?