Will Priya marry Rakesh?

It’s the morning of Priya and Rakesh’s big day, but when the bride skips breakfast and hides it in the wardrobe, a worried Leyla fears Priya’s anorexia has reared its head again so she tells Rakesh, who then tries to talk to her. When Priya admits her fear that she will never be able to love him, Rakesh suggests they call off the wedding. It’s a bit late in the day for all this, though, because the wedding guests are already gathering at Home Farm for the ceremony! Will the couple tie the knot? Or will they decide to call the whole thing off?

After Charity is told that the police have stopped searching for Declan, Megan’s distraught because she’s convinced her brother is still alive and it’s only a matter of time before he comes back to finish off his wife!

When Juliette turns up to collect the papers, Nicola’s put out to find Jimmy hasn’t signed them yet and is worried that he’s having doubts. In the event, however, Jimmy signs the papers, but before he can give them to Juliette, she goes into labour and Nicola is forced to roll up her sleeves and help!