Will Priya pull through?

Rhys’s death has shaken everyone to the core and now concern centres on Priya who’s still in a bad way. Rani is by her side hoping her mother will wake so she can apologise for the fight they had before the explosion. Ajay is also frantic with worry, but their concern turns to devastation when Karl tells them that Priya’s brain has been starved of oxygen and she’s not going to wake up. Forced to face reality, Ajay and Rani say their final farewells to their beloved wife and mother.

Paul seems unaffected by the horrific events and focuses on business as usual, concerning Andrew who encourages his father to visit Priya in hospital. When he arrives, however, Ajay makes it clear that visiting rights are for family only.

Mason tries to visit Sonya in hospital to find out when she’ll regain consciousness but can’t get an answer. Then he tries to dispose of the clothes he wore at the attempted robbery and nearly gets caught by his father. He also tries to convince Amber of the truth about Robbo, showing her his stolen car and finally convincing her that he’s skipped town.

And, after five days, Sonya starts to wake from her coma but Karl soon becomes concerned as he realises she can’t remember her own wedding.