Dodger is reeling from what he saw and decides the only way to make himself feel better is to move on and sets his sights back on Theresa. However, it’s no use and Dodger confronts Texas about her feelings, forcing her to make a shock admission and declare her love for Will. Euphoric, Will hopes this has changed everything. He decides to propose to Texas and can’t wait to see Dodger’s face when he finds out.

However, Texas gets there first and Dodger begrudgingly wishes them luck, but it’s clear this really isn’t what Texas wants. When Will heads to the boat to tell Dodger himself, he sees the pair hugging and boils over with anger again.

When Kevin’s plan to lead Maxine to Walker fails, it soon becomes clear that he’ll have to kill her himself. Sienna and Ash’s suspicions of Kevin intensify regarding Maxine’s disappearance. Kevin is increasingly anxious about their questions and wonders whether he will have to shut them up too.

Sinead finally accepts her responsibilities as a pregnant teen but soon pushes her luck at work and ends up quitting in front of Patrick, blowing any chance she may have had of going back to college.