Heston reports that Julia’s treatment has been working and the gang wonder how much she remembers. Elaine offers to speak to Patrick and puts it to him that by not letting them see Julia, he is actually punishing her as well – so he gives in.

Later that afternoon, Heston, Jimmi, Karen and Zara head to see Julia and are shocked by the sight of her frailty. They each make apologies which Julia accepts, although she is still confused as to how no-one noticed. Then Heston mentions that Charlie’s gone for good – Julia wonders what he’s done now before they all realise that she can’t remember.

As they are leaving, Julia asks Zara if she can stay behind. Julia knows something happened and confronts Zara, who just tells her that Charlie has been sacked and is to be divorced by his wife. Julia is overwhelmed as she reveals to Zara that she’s scared. Julia asks Zara to tell everyone that it wasn’t their fault and they agree to put it all behind them.

Also, two student pranksters take thing too far, while Imogen tracks down Gio.

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