Kim is in a great mood after attending Kit’s ultrasound, while Rachel has mixed feelings, and decides to take Leah’s advice and book her and Kim’s honeymoon. But she decides not to go through with her holiday plans after Kim tells her Kit’s next scan is on the same day.

But when Kim finds out about Rachel’s honeymoon plans, he has a word with Kit who suggests that Rachel should get involved with the baby too. Rachel agrees but later admits to Beth that she feels uncomfortable with the whole idea.

Matilda tells Macca that Cassie’s finding city life difficult away from her family and friends. Later, angry Macca confronts Cassie about why she hasn’t told him the truth about her difficulty in coping with life in the city.

Elsewhere, Morag blames herself for Martha’s moving out, and Alf and Ric are saddened when she announces she’s moving back to the city to reside as a magistrate over a major case. Meanwhile, Alf apologises to Sally for the disastrous welcome home party and Rocco feels thrilled that he’s finally being accepted as one of the family.

Later, Sally is suddenly struck by a memory from the night of her attack, recalling walking back to her car in the dark. Sally tells Brad she’s starting to remember…

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday April 17*