*Second episode*

Knowing about Charity’s blackmail demands, Ali suspects Rachel will soon confess and leg it to save Sam. Meanwhile, Jai has no idea his ex-wife is pushing Rachel to leave town, and thinks he and the cleaner have finally come to a good arrangement about their love-child Archie! Getting Rachel alone, Charity and Declan go through the night of the Home Farm fire in meticulous detail, spelling out exactly how the cleaner should confess to arson so she can save Sam. Later, Rachel arrives at the police station and heads inside…

Val’s got a big secret she’s hiding from Pollard. She can’t bring herself to admit she had a fling with someone while she was in Portugal, and has recently learned that her holiday fling has told her he has HIV. Wanting to get to the bottom of his wife’s bad mood, Pollard rolls out his plan. Telling Val he’s booked a mini break, she’s thrilled until she realises Pollard intends for them to go away together.

Leyla leaves the newlyweds to it and heads out for the evening. She ends up hooking up with Priya and as they bond over their mutual past with David, they end up having a laugh at their ex’s expense.