Will Rachel leave Ramsay Street with Angus?

The Erinsborough News provokes Angus outside the school, causing him to lose his temper and shove a photographer. With the paper having a new scandalous story on him, Angus suggests to Rachel that they temporarily move to South Australia.

Meanwhile, Rachel flounders against Dan’s accusation of cheating, but Libby lends her support as does Susan. Rachel packs her bag and leaves the Kennedys a note. She and Angus pack the last of their belongings and leave. As Karl and Susan read the note, Rachel realises that she can’t give up her whole life for a dream romance that is not working out.

Libby is outraged by Dan’s accusations against Rachel, certain that he’s taking out his hurt on her family, and lets him know exactly what she thinks of him. But Daniel refuses to back down, leaving Libby with no alternative but to declare an all out war.

Steve and Miranda are shocked to learn that Bridget has been skipping school. Steve decides to put Bridget’s stability first and move back into the Parker house, but announces that he intends to sleep in Ned’s room.

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