Will Rachel really leave the Bay?

Tony and Rachel are still at loggerheads over Daniel’s offer. Tony tells Miles he doesn’t want to leave the Bay because it’s where he buried Jack, and it’s where Harry took his first breath. He tells Rachel this and she asks for time to think. She goes to Daniel’s and bursts into tears.

Angelo is worried about his Grand Opening. Ruby and Liam pull out of performing and the place is only half full. Later, more bookings are cancelled and a dodgy replacement is found for Ruby and Liam. But despite everything Angelo pulls off a successful night – the place is packed and everyone has a wonderful time.

Indi and Romeo are getting closer. When Indi asks Romeo to meet early one morning at the Surf Club, he’s bemused. Indi tells him it’s a secret… and he’s got until seven o’clock that night to figure it out. If he does, she’ll shout him dinner at Angelo’s.

Romeo spends the day guessing but despite some hints from Dex he has no idea what Indi’s secret is. She tells him to meet her at Angelo’s where all will be revealed. There, he learns that Indi has scored a job as a waitress.

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