Will Rachel say yes?

After a romantic dinner, Tony tells Rachel how much he loves her and asks her to marry him. Initially stunned, Rachel tells Tony she’s worried he’s rushing into it for the wrong reasons. But when Tony says he’s been planning the proposal for ages, a thrilled Rachel accepts.

Alf is annoyed at Morag’s angry attitude towards Jack and Martha being back together. He tells Morag he believes that, this time, they can make it work. But Morag remains unconvinced and confesses her disappointment that Martha has burnt her bridges with Roman.

Geoff starts to have second thoughts about his decision to take Melody on a date. But after a rocky start, their date goes well and the pair look forward to seeing more of each other.

Matilda is shocked to discover that Ric is planning to take part in multiple fights. She tries to talk things through with him, but he gets aggressive. Realising he’s in the wrong, Ric eventually apologises for his behaviour, admitting his involvement in the fighting has had a negative effect on him. However, the pair are unaware Noel has lined up Logan, a member of Johnny Cooper’s gang, to fight Ric next.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday June 5*

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