Tony is at a loss after finding the plane ticket. He stays with Gina, unable to face Rachel. When they finally do talk, he’s horrified to learn that she plans on taking Harry with her. Tony pointblank refuses to let that happen. She tries to explain, but to him it’s clear she won’t compromise. Leah tries to help. She tells Rachel that she needs to really think this through, but Rachel is adamant. Then Leah has an idea – she calls Lucas for help.

Marilyn is worried about Nicole in the wake of all the trouble with Penn. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about it, but eventually gives in. She feels like her life is out of control. Marilyn tells her they’ll have a cleansing ritual. Marilyn, Alf, Nicole and Miles all gather around Mr Odley the puppet, who is soon to be no more…

Sid tries to bond with Dex, asking him to do a ‘guys’ activity together. Dex wants to apologise to Marilyn for his behaviour. Sid doesn’t think it’s necessary, but Dex insists. Sid wants to know what he’s going to say, but Dex assures him it will be fine. But when he apologises to Marilyn, she calls him ‘sweet’, and this only encourages him.

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