Will Rachel’s affair be discovered?

Still at war with Bridget, Rachel sneaks away to meet Angus at his flat. But when Bridget discovers that Daniel is also on his way over there, she tries to warn Rachel, but her former friend ignores her calls. Will her illicit affair be discovered?

Oliver and Declan’s estranged dad Richard is rushed into hospital dying, with his body rejecting his kidney. Karl’s compassion gets the better of him when Richard insists he wants to die alone, with no family around him. But Karl can’t accept his request and decides to track down Richard’s family.

Rosie and Frazer host a party in Carmella and baby Chloe’s honour, which the residents of Ramsay Street attend. Amidst the celebrations, Rosie is finding it difficult to get to grips with her increasingly conflicted feelings about motherhood.

Meanwhile, the hot summer’s day forces Susan to miss the party, but a surprise visit from Ben and Mickey brings her comfort and makes her realise she’ll never be alone.

Also, desperate to win over the Parkers, Janae wonders if she should come clean to Libby about her kiss with Darren.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 15*

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