Will Raf truly be able to stick by Amy?

Raf and Amy have been trying to get their marriage back on track ever since Raf discovered his wife had slept with his rival Harry – and that he might be the father of her unborn child. But, this week, a revelation about the baby drives another wedge between them. When Raf crashes his new car, Amy fears her baby may have been harmed, so Raf takes her to see Mr Thompson, who gives Amy an ultrasound scan and reveals she’s expecting a baby boy.

Amy’s delighted but Raf’s distant, especially when she tries to talk baby names and reminds him they liked Callum for a boy. Amy’s joy turns to sadness when she fears she’s losing the baby but when she suggests they visit Mr T again, Raf leaves her side to save a patient. When Raf then finds Amy in tears he thinks the baby’s died. Amy’s crying because everything’s OK – but it’s clear Raf’s still struggling with the idea the baby might be Harry’s.

Amy reminds Raf that he’d said he could come to terms with her infidelity but she suggests he was relieved when he thought she’d lost ‘Callum’. Later, however, Amy drops the bombshell that she’s going to stay with her brother – could this be the end for Amy and Raf?

Meanwhile, after learning he’s no longer in charge of the Herzig, Elliot’s determination comes to the fore when he decides he wants to work on a young patient’s concave chest. Jac’s given explicit instructions not to operate, but Elliot isn’t going to be following orders any time soon…

Also, a loved-up Sacha worries that Essie is hiding something. But he soon realises she hasn’t come to terms with her Grandfather’s actions and needs to take a break and meet her family in Germany.