Rainie is grateful to Shirley for giving her a job. Shirley is jealous when Phil and Rainie share a joke together. Phil leaves his phone in the cafe and Shirley discovers loads of texts from Rainie. Shirley texts Rainie from Phil’s phone inviting her to the Arches for a hit. Phil finds a drunk Rainie holding the un-smoked crack and realises that Shirley set her up. Phil is angry with Shirley, but Rainie insists that Shirley only did it because she loves him.

Michael sleepwalks and cuts his hand when he knocks a glass over. Ronnie attends to his cut hand and Michael is touched by her kindness. Michael feels that Ronnie is the only person who understands him. Michael agrees to meet Eddie in the Vic and feels on the outer when he sees Eddie laughing with Tyler and Alfie. Later, as Ronnie sleeps, Michael comes into her room and pulls away the covers…

Janine misses Lydia. Ricky is due home and Janine goes to Pat’s to wait with Tiffany and Morgan. Pat gets back and tells Janine to get out. Janine’s last hope is to talk to Ricky. Pat gets to Ricky first. Ricky is disgusted with Janine, who realises that she has no one left.