Will Rakesh come clean to Andy Sugden?

Andy Sugden's lawyer Rakesh battles with his conscience knowing he's playing a part in his innocent client's demise…

*Second episode*

In court, Andy Sugden’s led back to the cells. Rakesh is tortured with guilt having done little to help the innocent farmer to save his own skin. When Andy, who’s unaware Chrissie is trying to frame him, tells Rakesh he’s worried what will happen to Chrissie if he gets locked up, will the lawyer come clean about what’s really going on?

David’s confused when Frank, Tracy’s jailbird dad, tells him he’s been trying to get in touch with his daughter and asks the shopkeeper to help him out. Later, when Tracy finds out David’s visited Frank she tells him he’s been played by her manipulative dad.

Concerned about Belle, Bailey urges her to see a doctor.