Will Rani confess all?

Rani rewrites the play so that fictional Rani chooses Callum instead of Bailey. Callum is delighted by the change, but Sonya is surprised. Ajay misinterprets Sonya’s concerns, believing that Rani and Callum are on the verge of sleeping with each other. Deeply concerned, he goes to Toadie and demands that they work together to stop this disaster.

Separately, the two men attempt to steer their children away, resulting in Callum believing Rani is hot for him. Frustrated by the whole situation, Rani vents to Sonya, who helps her realise that honesty is the best policy. She comes clean to a gutted Callum, confessing she kissed Bailey.

Having thrown out the sketchbook containing the portrait of Brad, Lauren is horrified to learn that Matt has ‘rescued’ it from the skip. She tries to get the sketchbook back, only to find that Matt has had one of the pictures framed – and the sketch of Brad is on the reverse side.

Brad and Matt apologise to each other after their chest beating at Bite Club. When Matt turns up at the Men’s Shed to find only Brad there, the two men settle in for some beer and footy. An uneasy friendship is born.