Rebecca gears up for the big Kram gig at Charlie’s, but Diana stops the gig going ahead by pointing out a clause in her lease prohibiting live music without Lassiters’ prior permission. A compromise is reached and it looks like the gig will go ahead – until Rebecca discovers she doesn’t have the required number of bouncers because Diana has cut Lassiters’ security contract by half. Rebecca accuses Diana of sabotage, but she claims she was genuinely trying to cut costs and not hurt Charlie’s.

Rebecca tries to organise alternative security, but finds everything is booked out and faces letting down her patrons at a huge financial cost. Declan points out to Diana the error of her ways, leading her to offer a suggestion of help. The only problem is it’s illegal and could end up losing Rebecca her licence. How far will Rebecca go to keep the financial pressure off Paul and her family?

Summer convinces Natasha to get back at Andrew by attacking his ego, using her brains rather than beauty. Natasha is reluctant to go public with her Mathlete skills, but Summer convinces her to use them for a good cause, and together they give Andrew a public shaming. But Natasha learns that revenge isn’t as sweet as she hoped when her plan backfires and Andrew exposes her inner nerd.

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