Will Rebecca finally leave Paul?

Despite Michael’s pleas to Rebecca to leave with him that night, she knows she has to spend one last night with Paul in the hotel suite to make sure he signs the affidavit. Waiting at home for her call, Michael is shocked when Andrew tells him Paul and Rebecca are out for the evening, but is relieved when he receives a message telling him to trust her.

With the papers signed, Rebecca tells Declan to get packing. However, Paul arrives to find Rebecca and Declan about to leave. An upset Paul tells her not to leave and that he loves her but Rebecca explains that any love she had for him, he killed. Paul’s hurt is made worse when he sees Rebecca holding hands with Michael as they talk. Back at home, he starts to get angry, smashing up photos of him and Rebecca.

When Tash sees Zeke and Summer getting on, she takes the opportunity to stir up some trouble and spreads a rumour that they’re together, knowing that because Zeke works at the school, he’d get into trouble for dating a student. With talk of their relationship all over the school, Michael pulls Zeke into his office, telling him the school board are involved.

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