After learning the extent of Paul’s affair, Rebecca publicly lays into him. Feeling overwhelmed and emotional, Rebecca decides to leave Erinsborough and give up on her dream of law school. Determined not to let Rebecca leave without a fight, Susan and the women of Ramsay Street rally around and convince Rebecca to stay.

Meanwhile Karl worries about Paul’s ability to cope and tells Elle how concerned he is. Although Elle publicly shuns Paul, she struggles with her conflicted feelings. Later, after seeing how upset he is, she invites him back home.

Forced to face up to her family’s financial hardship, Bridget challenges Nicola to contribute some cash. Nicola reassures Bridget that she fully intends to pay her own way, but her plans are hampered when her mum cuts her off financially. Determined to be financially independent she asks Karl for a job at the hospital.

Libby decides to warn Dan about Samantha’s erratic behaviour; but she is unaware that Sam has got there first, and has managed to expertly explain it. Libby tries to explain why she is interfering, but Dan warns her to stay out of his and Samantha’s relationship.

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