Emma, Rob, Ruhma, Paul and Rhiannon arrive at the Child Protection Case where there are three social workers present. Rob speaks of Rhiannon’s drug-taking in the past and believes she got off lightly as no possession could be proven. Rhiannon’s social worker says they should not put a child at risk of serious harm and when Emma tries to argue she’s shot down. During a break, Emma tries to keep Rhiannon’s spirits up but, when their previous social worker’s evidence is also negative, Rhiannon kicks off an argument.

Later, Rhiannon gives her evidence, speaking of how she loved her previous child, but couldn’t show it, due to her addiction. Boyfriend Paul also makes an emotive speech and promises that he will always be there for Rhiannon and the baby. Emma gives a final speech of positivity and finally a decision is announced.

It will be recommended that a child protection plan is implemented, offering support. Everyone agrees to this, bar the two social workers, who think they’ve made a mistake and decide to appeal against the decision.