Disgusted with Rhys’s game playing, Karl confronts him, telling him he’ll be letting Jessica know that he manipulated Karl into thinking Erin had a drink problem. As usual, Rhys worms his way out if it, leaving Karl wondering if he made something out of nothing. However, when Kate sounds off about Rhys, pointing out how he deliberately ruined Erin’s chances on the program, he tells Rhys he’s off to see Jessica.

Meanwhile, Rhys has managed to persuade Jessica that even though he has missed the start of the program, he won’t hold the others back and puts himself forward to be tested on everything they’ve covered so far. With the program within his grasp, Rhys is left with no choice but to tell Karl about his mum, taking him to see her at the nursing home.

When she tells Karl that ever since she became ill, Rhys always dreamed of being a surgeon, giving up his hopes of being a tennis pro, Karl realises she believes he’s already on the program and his eyes are opened to Rhys’s reasons. However, he tells Rhys he can’t fix his mum, and ruining other people’s careers in the process isn’t OK.

As Rhys sits his exam, Jessica seeks Karl’s opinion, and he tells her that it would be best for Rhys to wait until next year. However, Rhys takes great pleasure in telling Karl he’s been accepted.