Will Ric go through with the wedding?

Ric and Thandie’s big day has finally arrived. Although Ric appears to have last-minute doubts, the wedding goes ahead – but the absence of Connie, Elliot and Jess at the reception is noted. Later, Ric goes to see Connie who informs him that she’s been in touch with Thandie’s old medical school in Addis Ababa, who say that they have no record of a person named Thandie.

Back at the wedding, Thandie realises something’s up when Ric gives an unenthusiastic speech. Later, Ric confronts Thandie telling her that he knows about her fake qualifications and that she played the race card against Elliot to protect herself. Realising she’s been rumbled, Thandie agrees to write a letter exonerating Elliot, before Ric takes her home to pack up her things.

At Lord Byrne’s funeral, Jac interrupts Joseph’s heartfelt speech by placing a white rose on Lord Byrne’s coffin, and a furious Joseph tells her to leave. Joseph storms into the hospital in a fit of rage. He finds Jac and tears into her for the hurt she’s caused his family. When Jac fails to show any remorse, Joseph whacks Jac twice across the face, forcing her to the ground.

Also, Mark tries to recapture his youth by taking cocaine.