Will Ricky abandon baby Casey?

Phoebe suggests she and Ricky should have a day at the beach and the boys can babysit Casey. The suggestion puts a smile on Ricky’s face but she tells Denny and Phoebe that she’s still struggling with motherhood after the death of Brax. Later, Marilyn offers to take Casey for the evening to give Ricky a break. But Ricky does a disappearing act in the middle of the night…

Nate is having is his mug shot taken after being arrested for attempted sexual assault. After he’s released, he heads home and Kat tries to reassure him everything will be fine.

Marilyn confides in Roo that she’s nervous that her and John will get bored of each other now Jett has left home. John, meanwhile, has the same fear – and is pouring out his heart to Alf!