Will Ricky admit her feelings for Brax?

Brax is pleased that Ricky has shown up at Angelo’s, when Alf arrives to update Brax. Brax ends up taking Ricky home and Tamara walks in. She’s angry Brax isn’t looking for Casey and Kyle.

Later, Ricky tells Brax he actually loves worrying about his brothers because it defines him, After the brothers show up Brax admits to Ricky his brothers can sort themselves out. Ricky tells Brax she wants to spend time with him.

Casey takes Kyle to the spot where he abducted Casey. Kyle asserts that his kissing Casey’s girlfriend wasn’t payback. Casey’s confused – payback for what – for what he did to their father? Kyle reveals he doesn’t hate Casey for killing their dad. In fact, he’s glad he did it. It’s a breakthrough for the brothers. When they arrive back in the caravan park Tamara warns Kyle not to come near her again.

Indi is angry that Casey has taken the company car, and decides if Casey doesn’t return it by tomorrow she’s calling the cops. When Casey does finally show up she fires him. He apologises, and tells Indi he owes her and Romeo. At the mention of Romeo Indi loses it, but Casey’s firm – she needs help.