Will Ricky and Nate get together?

Ricky and Nate wake up together but, as Nate waits in the bedroom, Marilyn spots his shirt on the floor. Later, Marilyn subtly brings up the fact that she knows Ricky and Nate slept together, catching Ricky off-guard and forcing her to tell Nate their night of passion was a one-off.

Kat picks up Andy and Josh for the trial, but being at the scene of the crime brings on flashbacks and she runs outside suffering from pains in her chest.

At Denny’s dinner for Casey, Kat has an awkward encounter with Ricky. Meanwhile, Hannah asks Chris if they can pretend they are not a couple to avoid awkward questions. When Denny announces that she and Kat are going travelling, Nate begs her to reconsider and face her problems.

When Zac and Leah arrive home from the party, things aren’t right between them. Zac wants to talk, but Leah has nothing to say, so Zac packs his bags and leaves.