Will Ricky and Nate say ‘I do’?

As Kyle drives Ricky to the ceremony, she suddenly screams, “Stop!” Kyle thinks she’s a change of heart, but in fact baby Casey’s been sick. They get him cleaned up, but the car won’t start and when they try to push it, Ricky breaks her heel and gets dirt on her face. With the clock ticking, Ricky decides to run to her wedding…

Nate’s waiting for Ricky when Phoebe reveals she was having doubts about the wedding. Devastated, Nate tells guests the wedding is off but then Ricky comes running towards the altar, explaining what’s happened, and tells Nate the wedding is still on. Ricky quickly freshens up and the pair say: “I do.”

Kat takes Dylan to the wedding reception, but is on edge and even snaps at Ash. Later, Dylan makes a distasteful comment about Billie’s dress leaving her shaken, which doesn’t sit well with Ash.

The next day, Ricky and Phoebe attend Kyle’s trial for moral support and surrounded by those that love him, Kyle enjoys his final moments before he takes the witness stand.