Will Ricky go through with the wedding?

Phoebe tries to comfort Ricky by saying that Brax could be merely giving her his blessing, but Ricky isn’t convinced. Later, Nate suggests they cancel the wedding and the three of them can still be a family. In that moment, Ricky’s doubts are erased and she is ready to marry Nate.

It’s the morning of the wedding and Kat doesn’t remember her drunken pass at Ash. Kat finally admits that she doesn’t believe Dylan has changed. Ash is pleased and they agree not to tell Dylan that Ash took her home – but Dylan already knows.

Finally, Kyle and Phoebe are overwhelmed when Ricky walks down the stairs in her wedding dress.

Kyle is stunned when Isla turns up at the house. When she realises Kyle could be going to prison, she wants to confess all, but Kyle changes her mind. He explains they would both be sent down for attempt robbery. So Isla suggests they run away together, but it’s clear Kyle could never leave Ricky and Casey.