Will Ricky move in with Bianca?

Ricky and Bianca are back from holiday with the kids and are in high spirits. Ricky is hopeful that Bianca will ask him to move into Pat’s with them, but he’s disappointed when she makes it clear that she doesn’t want him sticking around. Bianca has a change of heart when she realises that the kids miss Ricky and she invites him to move in, but Bianca is forced to let him share her bed when Wellard ruins the sofa!

Stacey worries about Dot, who is in a distracted mood, and Dot eventually admits that she’s worried about Jim’s upcoming birthday. She feels she’s failed her husband yet again as he indicated that he wanted to spend it at home. Stacey suggests to Bradley they bring Jim back for his birthday as a surprise for Dot.

Peggy annoys Archie when she won’t commit to a wedding date. Later, Archie hides his displeasure when Peggy appears in the bar all glammed up, but he’s pleased when she announces to everyone that she wants to marry him in March.

Also, Suzy takes over at the salon to help out a struggling Gaynor while Tanya’s away; Ian tries to bribe the Masoods to get them to go into business with him.

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