Ricky’s reeling after finding out Brax has been transferred. She allows the boys to explain but decides to move out. Casey and Kyle try to get her to move back in but Heath tells them it might be a good idea. When Ricky meets up with Nate their chemistry is obvious.

Bianca has started remembering the explosion and is adamant she wants to go back to school, but Irene is worried she might be pushing herself too hard. As things seem to be getting back to normal, Bianca thanks Heath for the way he’s looked after her.

Denny asks if she can meet the twins but Hannah says no and shares her suspicions about Denny’s cult affiliation. Back at the house, Zac comes across a baby photo with writing on the back that suggests Denny is telling the truth. Against Hannah’s wishes, Zac takes the photo to show Denny. She’s upset to learn that Ethan knew about her but still didn’t make contact. Later, Zac tells the twins that Denny is their sister.

When Andy tries to give Josh the money from his advance, Josh assumes that he’s done something illegal and refuses to take it. When Andy tells him the truth, Josh is impressed by his honesty.